The Protector

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A cold loner. A mysterious relic and the girl who may be the key to unlock it. Thaelin Black was a smuggler with his eyes set on revenge until a fateful encounter sent him on a journey across the galaxy. Can he keep her from the people that want to use her or will they take all he has left? He may not want to be the hero, but for her, he will.

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Want to know what the book will be like? Here is a sample of the first three chapters. I appreciate feedback, good or bad. I hope you enjoy!

The Protector – First 3 Chapters

“No matter how hard she searched for something…anything, to fix this. There was no beauty to be found. This moment in time summarized her life since the day she had left home. The universe was filled with things that wanted to destroy you. No personal reasons behind it. That’s just how it was. In that moment, with that realization, she had an epiphany. She finally understood what Mr. Thaelin had meant. Sometimes if you need a light in the darkness, that light had to be you. With new understanding, she stood and wiped the tears from her eyes. She knew what she had to do.”
-excerpt from Morvian: The Protector.