5 voices, 1 Story 04/12/19

Whale of A Tale

Prologue by @WritesJodi

“Research vessel Deep Blue compromised and taking on water. Send help immediately.”

Dani translated the message and was reaching for the phone when another burst of code came over the line. She scribbled furiously.

“Something in the water. Is that a–?”

The line went dead.

First Act by @bebby3862

“Commander!” Dani called initiating emergency protocols.

“Sitrep?” he asked.

“Not sure. Look at the footage.”

“My God! Have you ever seen anything like it?”

“The night Stevens went missing, sir.”

“What’s it doing?”

Static crackled on the radio. They could make out just one word.

Second Act by @canuckclick

“Someone is alive. We need to get to them before it kills them!” Dani waited for the order to proceed.

A bling on the radar distracted them before he could say anything. “There’s something else out there. Not sure what.”

“Proceed with caution. Full alert.”

They dove to the rescue

Third Act by @WeAreMarsBook

The creature came into view.

“What’s it doing?”

“Making a whirlpool. The submersible is in the middle!”

“It’s lifting it! Quick, get a grapple line out. We can grab it, pull it into the cargo hold.”

“Aye, commander! The whale saved them.”

“Aye! It did. Now go see who’s in there.”

Epilogue by @SandyRStuckless

Dani climbed up to the main hatch of the submersible. After a moment’s struggle, she got the hatch open.

“Who’s in there?” the skipper called down.

Dani laughed and shook her head. “Stevens, you lucky SOB. You’re going to have one whale of a tale at the debrief!”