5(4 hehe) voices, 1 story 03/29/19

Arts and Aliencraft

Prologue by @canuckclick

Arts and crafts. It was a juvenile activity and we hated it. Those stupid safety scissors, cheap construction paper, and terrible instructions. Nothing ever turned out the way it was supposed to and the councilors kept insisting we were all such talented artists. Bullshit.

1st Act by @WritesJodi

“Are there any more paper clips?”

Miss Amy dropped a box in the middle of our table. “Whatcha making?”

I leaned over to hide the blueprint. “You’ll see.” As soon as she walked away, I whispered to my three cohorts. “If we can’t go to them, we’ll bring them to us.”

2nd Act by @RLWarrick1

A stroke of genius, some may call it. But we knew better. These gifts were never ours. They were borrowed from the very beings we would call on tonight, and they wouldn’t have much choice but to answer. An hr passed, maybe two, and before us was an item familiar yet foreign.

“Its time.”

Final Act by @WritesJodi

We arranged the paper clips in a spiraling circle with a bottle of milk in the center and summoned the toddler. At least, he looked like a toddler. Wouldn’t Miss Amy and the other counselors be surprised when they learned the bottle drinking baby in our skit was a thousand year old alien.

Epilogue by @WordsBySC

Its babbles would have been cute to any others, but to us it brought a different excitement.

ph’nglui mglw’nafh

And we knew, tomorrow, what it would finish saying before it summoned the ancient ones so we never had to do crafts again.

Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn