5 voices, 1 story 03/22/19

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Prologue by crmetheus1974

“I do not kneel here in prayer. I do so in memory of the moment I became the last to survive this horror. We had always run, yet faceless it always came. Always from below, and always under the cover of darkness. I lay mark here so those who pass may know, on this night I run no more.”

First Act by WritesJodi

Book club was wrapping up, the 10 members had their newest title in hand, and were finishing drinks, when the sky suddenly darkened, and the house shook. The windows shattered, and the floor buckled. The door flew off the hinges, and a bulky shadow filled the entryway.

Second Act by MicheleQuirke

A deafening screech pierced the silence. As the figure lunged forward, it’s hood flew back to reveal a ghastly shadow where it’s face should’ve been. It’s claws dug into the shoulders of the youngest member, and dragged her, kicking and screaming, into the basement below.

Final Act by canuckclick

They couldn’t leave their friend in the clutches of that beast. Rock, paper, scissors decided who went first into the dark basement. They found it kneeling over the girl, blood everywhere. It looked at them, sorrow in its eyes and they turned on each other. Driven to destroy.

Epilogue by RLWarrick1

Bloodied and beaten the two remaining members stepped out of the darkness. Sunlight struck their eyes, but the hope it gave was a lie. Disheartened, they let out a sigh. “How many until it ends?” “I don’t know. Time to find more members.” “I’m not cleaning it this time.” “Rock, paper, scissors?”