An old story, which will return.

This is the only part left of a story I wrote ten years ago. I will be writing it again in the near future.

The crowd was louder than ever now, gathered around the fire as it crept towards his body. There was no doubt in his mind that he had been fooled and he cursed the beast still receiving no answer. He would die here tonight. He thought of what he had said earlier as he looked Death in the eye and didn’t receive an answer. Irony. He was the foolish one for trusting such a creature, that gave commands, and now did not make it’s presence known. Would their god be so forgiving to him as talked about amongst the villagers? Would he-
The fire as it swept across his feet, the flames searing his flesh. The pain stabbing at him now, and screams were forced from his mouth as the flames crept upwards. The burning parts of his body became seemingly numb as his nerve endings were blackened, and still the fire grew. A villager spit at him, but it did not anger him, he would have loved to feel any type of coolness. Slowly he faded in and out of consciousness as his tormentors cheered at the sight of his pain. Higher and higher the flames grew, but death still evaded him. He prayed in his mind for the end, for death, for any kind of comfort. As the charred parts of his body grew numb the flames grew higher engulfing a new space in screaming torment, bringing him endless torture and sick comfort at the same time. Then he felt it.
He had been waiting for it for what seemed like hours, and finally it showed it’s beautiful face. As he felt himself fade, he noticed something very odd. He was no longer burning, well his body was, as he watched from behind the villagers feeling no pain. The beast had not forsaken him after all.
This would be fun.