Who is R. L. Warrick?

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“It was a bright day in June of 1985. With a cry that shook the hospital, he came forth into the world. Two months would pass before death came for the boy, but not even death could hold him. For his will to live was stronger than its icy grip.”
Woah. I sound epic like that. I don’t even want to tell you about me now. I will but damn…I fear it gets a bit boring now. I’ve been writing for over 20 years but I was always afraid to put my mind out into the world. Through my stories, I hope to bring a light into the darkness. My past wasn’t the brightest of stories, but let us not be defined by the past. Writing means the world to me, and through that, I strive to bring meaning to you. My readers. I’m rambling so I guess I’ll wrap this up with a thank you for stepping into my world. Make yourself at home.